Friday, September 09, 2005

Keep your thoughts in the box!

I hate to seem like I'm ranting or complaining but I am becoming a little frustrated with one of my classes. We haven't been graded on anything yet so don't think I'm making excuses because I'm not doing well. My problem is with my creative writing class, which you think would be my favorite since that's what I love. I just find that the class isn't what I expected. I thought I would get some input on my writing, what interests other's, what's boring, stuff like that. Instead the class is like this big lecture about rules of writing. You can't have a story that tells and reveals, it's one or the other. You cannot switch points of view, ever. No second person, ever. You must have a round character and a flat character. The story should be told by the round character. You must have a plot that sets up a problem, then fixes it. WHAT THE HELL?

I understand these are basic guidelines and generally good to follow, but this is creative writing. CREATIVE! Why can't I do what I want to do? Why can't I be creative? So what if it's not what everybody else has done before? No one wants to keep reading the same old crap. I'd bet money, if I had any, that most if not all renowned writers did not sit down with a check list to make sure they followed every rule. So why should I not get a good grade if I decide be creative in creative writing?

Maybe I'm not giving my professor enough credit. I guess we'll wait and see.

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