Monday, September 12, 2005

My first article(s)!

Well, I was going to show you my first bit of publicity, but I can't get the image to down load so you're just out of luck. (If someone actually wants to see it leave a comment and I'll send it in an e-mail) Sorry! My first article for the Lansing Community College paper, The Lookout, was also published in the same issue as the article about me.

Aside from that, I have been working on a short story for my creative writing class. That's due Thursday and I've got one out of at least eight pages done.

I also started a sequel to my previously published story "Double Take", since it was about two college freshmen super heroes, now they are sophomores. I will probably send it to Pandora's Gate, which published the first. We'll see when it's finished.

Now I'm having some readers take a look at my comic script so I can edit it. I also start my next article for the paper this week and will keep writing reviews, which have fortunately gotten somewhat easier. Of course, I will keep sending out my minimum of five submissions a day.

I am still waiting to hear back on my movie script and my sci-fi/western. That's not unusual though. It's artists trying to make a living have to put the paying job first.

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