Saturday, September 03, 2005

One down

Okay, let me tell you that I successfully completed my first article and the editor did not find everything wrong with it. I got my reviews done and my homework, all just barely in time and well that's really all I've done since the last time I pushed the keys to get words to appear on my blog. Sorry if I sound crazy, but this week's been crazy and I think it might have been contagious.

So what's next you ask? More of the same old, boring stuff. Sorry nothing too on the edge-of-your seat. I will tell you, because I love you, that I have started a live journal that is full of some more fun stuff. Here I try only to talk about my work, I know it can get boring when I don't make much progress or I'm on the same task for so long. Never worry this is always priority, the lj is just a chance to write more. It will mostly be about what I read and watch, so don't get too excited. Stop by if you want. www.livejournal/users/ashlucsha/.

By the way, does anyone else think it's funny that blogspot's spell check thinks that blog is a misspelled word?

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