Sunday, December 11, 2005


Okay, so lately I have some weird ideas for writing projects. I felt like sharing them with you.

1. I write a small novel every time I e-mail my friend Jenni. Usually they are pretty interesting. Often they are about crazy people at work. I am going to start saving them to a file and create a memoirs book out of them. All the e-mails are rather interesting really. While most of it may be things you can read on my livejournal or hers, I still think they are fabulous. Maybe I'll save reply e-mails and have a co-author. Who knows?

2.I know I said that poetry wasn't my thing but I have to say I loved my sonnet. I know it was the farthest thing from the best literature ever, but it was fun. Writing it was fun and I loved peoples reaction to it. Sure they thought it was silly but I'm cool with that. So here's my crazy idea. Shakespeare wrote 154 sonnets (I think?). I'm going to do the same. However, they will not be about love, emotion, time, and seasons. Oh no folks I'm going to write each of my sonnets about a different comic book superhero. If I run out of hero's I'm heading to villains. Then I'll make a book out of them. That's my crazy idea. Hopefully, nobody steals it.

3. My novel is near finished probably by the end of the week. What then you ask? I need an agent. I'm going to do it folks, I'm writing query letters and I'm looking for an agent. I don't know if I have enough publishing credits or talent but I'm gonna give it a whirl.

4. I have a short-short that I would never have considered anything. I wrote it for class as my in class writing assignment. My teacher suggested putting it into a contest. I really didn't understand why but I'm giving it a shot.

I'll keep you posted on all of the above. I know it's crazy but one of them just might work!

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