Sunday, December 25, 2005


I hope that Christmas has gone well for everyone. Mine has been great! I thought long and hard about what to get my faithful readers for Christmas. I gave my live journal readers fabulous holiday photos, but what about my blog readers? Since this is about my journey in writing, I should post some work. Unfortunately, I haven't gotten anything new done in a while, but I did come up with a good idea. Here is the link to the second story I had published in Pandora's Gate. I promised it a while ago and finally searched for it today, just for you. Click on the issue with my name in the credits to read "Double Take 2: Sophomore Year", or don't , whatever. Sorry it isn't better but it's creative and free. What do you expect from a struggling writer? Maybe I'll post some new work for a belated gift if I get as much work done in my week off as I plan to.
Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!

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