Wednesday, August 10, 2005

The first of many

Well the first rejection notice for my short fiction story made it to me today. It arrived fast because it was an e-mail. The rejection letters that cost me $.74 (I just realized there is no cent sign on the keyboard) will take much longer I'm sure. So I tacked my rejection notice up with the others to remind me I tried and stink at writing.
I did start editing on my comic this week now that I'm no longer tired of having read it fifty times in one day. It's amazing how many things seemed so cool when writing it.
Recently I started another small project, it's on the comedy side. Other than that I've worked on reviews.


Kim said...

You're welcome Ashley. By the way, you should not put up the rejection letter because you think that you stink, you should put it up to remind yourself how foolish they are to reject the next big thing.

By the way: I started my blog...
Don't trash the nati.

Bobert said...

Ash I read every thing you write. An I know someone will decide to publish yor stories.Your last one was the first thing i've ever read that brought a tear to my eye. You got talent so don't ever give up.

lewissmith65367442 said...
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