Sunday, August 21, 2005

Blog Slacker

I know I'm slacking off when it comes to writing in this blog. Never fear though I have been writing other things. I promise I'll start doing more exciting work, so I'll have some more exciting stuff to write. Until then I don't wanna fill my blog with boring blabbering.
I just finished writing a short screenplay. It's a comedy. Now all I have to do is find somebody to help me make the movie. Don't worry I think I might have a potential partner. I'll keep you posted.
As for my comic I've been editing it, I think I'm going to get some outside opinions. It is so hard to edit your own stuff.
Other than that not much to talk about. I have decided to edit a few of my old stories and send them out as submissions. I don't really know if they'll work out but it can't hurt to try. Oh, I also applied for the LCC newspaper but haven't heard back. Not to mention classes start next week, I'll be taking two writing classes.

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