Friday, August 26, 2005

Heard, NOT Seen!

Hello everyone! While I was hard at work doing the most grueling part of the struggling writer's job, submissions, I decided to take a break and tell you about my week of progression in the world of writing. Now don't get too excited, they're just small steps.
As you know from my last entry, school started this week and I am taking a creative writing course, which was the first class I had. Of course I forgot that professor's are cruel and like to make you read your work out loud. And it's usually work that you have to write on the spot. Now for those of you who don't know the reason I prefer writing to all other things it is because I can tell my tale without having to speak. Public speaking makes me want to pass out. Secondly, I like that in writing I get to plan things out and edit. Pretty much, I like to think before speaking and I don't feel I get to do that when I have to write on the spot and then read it out loud in front of the class. I don't mind you reading my work, I just don't want to read it to you. Oh well, I need the teaching and the criticism the class provides. Besides, maybe I'll learn how to breathe and read my work out loud at the same time.
Just when you thought this entry couldn't get anymore exciting, I am here to tell you that I am now an official staff writer for the news department of the LCC bi-weekly newspaper, The Lookout. I got the job yesterday and get my first story assignment on Monday. YEAH ME!

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Kim said...

Congrats on the position on the LCC newspaper! That is wonderful news...pretty soon you are going to be a published writer!