Friday, November 04, 2005

Time consuming moron!

I just realized that if I took a word count on all the letters I have written to my fellow co-workers in the past few weeks about the newest employee who acts like an eleven year old, that I would probably have close to enough to meet my NaNoWriMo goal. That is obviously an exaggeration but I do feel like I get less time to work on stuff because I spend a lot of time writing lengthy e-mails recording his moronic behavior. It could make a good book but I unfortunately haven't been saving any of it. Although spreading word of his idiotic ways does make me feel better. I know, now everyone's wondering what this employee does that is so bad. Mostly he lies about being great, doesn't do anything I ask him to and tells me I'm mean when I tell him to do his job. Maybe I'll start posting my e-mails since they are works of writing and they are entertaining.

In creative writing class I got my poetry back and I think the best comment I got was "I can tell you are more of a short fiction person than a poetry person". Our big paper that we have to send to the whole class is due next Wednesday. Then I have to read everyone else's. That should be fun.

I still haven't gotten either article done and the paper goes to print tomorrow. I asked my editor for suggestions. What I got was to go to the meeting for the association tonight (Thursday). I have to work every Thursday and I got the message at the time the meeting was ending. That is partly my fault since I can't check my voice-mail at school because it gets no signal there. I don't want to let the editor down but I'm not sure how much choice I'll have.
Registration for the winter semester starts next week and I have to figure out what I want to take. Decisions, decisions.

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