Friday, November 18, 2005

I lived through workshop!

Even though I started my class reviews for workshop a week early, I still found myself struggling to think of things to improve on while staying up until four in the morning the night before class. Apparently, everyone else had trouble but they did not struggle through for comments. They just didn't give any. So I'm sure I look like I think I'm better than everyone because I put bad things but I was grasping. I was also the only one who typed up comment sheets and the only one who did a review of everybody's paper. If they didn't get someone's, they didn't ask for it they just didn't review it. Do I have issues? I must.
Anyway everyone had nice comments about my story. They thought it was funny. The females in the class particularly liked the teenage girls inner monologue as she struggles to fight evil as well as impress the guy she likes. I also got lots of compliments on my dialogue. So over all it went okay.

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