Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Stressed about being unique!

I had today off from my everyday job and school so I wrote, a lot. Not only did I manage to type 3000 words for my novel today but I actually got my homework done. I wrote a high school, science fiction story that was a whole ten pages (this is only an awesome amount because it only needed to be six)!
I am a little concerned with my story. I think it's cool and it's definitely a story idea that I would find interesting. The first story I wrote for my class was very realistic and serious, so I wanted to do something different. This story is really laid back and kind of funny. I'm worried because the class had to give outlines last week and from everything I overheard, everyone seems to be doing serious stories. Everybody but one person did a serious, realistic story last time as well. Anyway, my big fear is that when the whole class reads this story, they're are going to think my story is immature and cheesy. It's not deep and meaningful. It's just fun but I think everyone in my class seems really serious. I don't want to change my story idea just because it doesn't go with conformity, that's why I went ahead and wrote it anyway. I am just nervous that people will hate it and not give it a fair chance. After all I am the one challenging myself by writing something completely different from my last paper. I really shouldn't stress, but you know I will.

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