Saturday, November 18, 2006

What is behind the 'hyde'?

I've almost covered everything on my list of suggestions. I still have to take pictures of my writing but I'm a little to tired to do that tonight. I also managed to borrow a stack of comics from my friend Fred, so perhaps I'll finally get around to answering the Civil War question one day.

So I guess that leaves me to give details about Behind the Naugahyde. I guess I could first explain the title. Most of the novel takes place in shoe store, more importantly a shoe store where the employees have to get your shoes for you rather than the new trendy stores that just have them sitting on the sales floor in boxes. Apparently it is inappropriate for customers to be able to see in the stock room so strip curtains are hung up to keep the customers from seeing the staff as they make gestures that show appreciation for a customer who is "just looking" at two minutes to close. These lovely hunter green curtains, that compliment the pinkish colored carpet, are made out of none other than the material that was all the rage in the eighties, Naugahyde.
And in the book the reader will find out exactly what happens behind those lovely strips of Naugahyde.

As for my NaNoWriMo novel, well those watching my profile know that it's not going so well. I'm sure it's still possible that I could make it but not likely. I'm not giving up though, and I'll still write the novel no matter what.

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