Monday, November 13, 2006

Thanks for the suggestions!

Wow! I got so many super ideas for blog post that I don't even know which one to start with. Of course, I'm not sure that I could fill a whole blog on some of the topics, not because they are not good ideas but rather I'm just not that awesome.
So I'll talk about a few of them this time and then maybe a few more next time.

For starters when I am writing I like to snack on take 5 candy bars. This has just become a new addiction since I gave them out on Halloween and then got stuck with so many. I also like cool ranch doritos but only when I'm a using pen and paper rather than typing. This is because I can eat with my left hand and have no problems. The doritos often leave seasoning on my fingers that can be a nuisance if you're typing with both hands. I also like toast because you get like 20 servings for a dollar, peanut butter right from the jar and gummy bears.

On Oprah I will wear a nicely tailored black pant suit and make it my own by wearing a cool baby-tee that has a super hero or some crazy thing on it and also wear dress boots that are a bright color that is also in the shirt I'm wearing, perhaps red.
Jenni will wear a nice suit possibly green because it just looks fabulous on her and she will wear a crazy color, vegan friendly pair of shoes, because crazy shoes will be a must on our promotional tour. People will come from afar to see what crazy shoes we will wear next.

Llamas spit.

For To Kill a Mockingbird discussion topics of chapters 8 & 9: Why did Boo Radley decide to leave the security of his home just to put a blanket on Scout? Did Francis deserve to get punched in the teeth? These aren't good questions they were just the best I could come up with after skimming through the chapters rather quickly.

I'm not sure who the mysterious hero is in 52. The last time I read it (thanks to my brokeness) I think Lex said it was his son, but maybe I'm not remembering correctly.

My life is no longer without a car but when I was without it I felt completely useless.

As for the cold. I love it. I hate heat. I love dressing in layers. I love sweaters, mittens, scarves, boots and coats. I like snow falling. I like warm blankets and hot tea and hot chocolate. I like sledding and ice skating. I like not breaking into a sweat when I walk Kreeg. I like sitting in front of the furnace vent. So throw rocks at me if you want but I'm going to say it, "YAY! cold weather".

The rest of the suggestions will have to wait for another post. I don't want to use up all the good ones and some of them may even get their very own post. Stay tuned!

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jenni said...

Oh! And I totally forgot...

Grapenuts: Neither grapes, nor nuts... Explain.

If you had to hazard a guess as to how a first-year schoolteacher would rip her green corduroys between 2nd and 3rd hour, how would you say that would be done?

Also, how do you believe one would make split pea soup in a pressure cooker?