Friday, November 24, 2006

Too much work, too little writing.

I know I should have been writing but yesterday, after posting, I managed to go see Happy Feet. It's the first movie I've seen in a while and it was adorable. There was also a wicked cool Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix preview. Although the loud, annoying teenagers made me realize why I hate night/holiday/weekend movies(aside from the price). I'm all for being excited and showing appreciation for things that you love but fighting with your boyfriend on your cell phone is just rude.

I didn't attempt to shop today because I had to work. Tomorrow I work some more and I'm hoping I can talk someone into going with me to see the Nutcracker tomorrow night. Then I have to work again on Sunday and hopefully get my house decorated.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'm pretty sure I'm not going to get a lot of writing done the next few days. Although, I have been thinking about my comic book script a lot lately. I really wanted it to have a sarcastic humor but I've been sending it to potential artist who never get back to me about it. Maybe the script needs a redo, maybe I'm not sending enough of the script for them to get it, maybe they just don't get it or appreciate it or maybe I just completely suck at writing. I guess I'll have to figure out what to do and add it to the to do list.

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D.B. Echo said...

Damn. I would totally go to see The Nutcracker with you. I've seen it on stage three times, and each time it's been completely different. Drosselmeyer is one of my favoriyte fictional characters - he's creepy and scary and powerful and you really hope he's a good guy. I've often thought that if I ever open a junk store, I'll call it Drosselmeyer's.

I'm thinking maybe the next NaBloPoMo should be moved to February - only 28 days of daily posting! But there's Valentine's Day thrown in there to distract those who are involved in relationships. So maybe January? Not much going on in January after the 1st. Eh, January 1st posts may be a bit rough, unless everybody starts off with a list of resolutions - for the month!