Sunday, November 12, 2006


It's a rather early post for me but I had the day off of work. I had planned to spend the whole day writing but I kept getting sidetracked. Now that I have time I feel unmotivated.
I have so much to be working on, so much that I want to be working on. I'm trying to force myself to do it but things just aren't coming to me. I'm stuck for ideas on everything. I keep thinking about other stuff. I couldn't even come up with a better blog post than this.


jenni said...

That's the real reason I'm not in love with NaBloPoMo. I can't find words every day. Maybe that's supposed to be the challenge? I don't know if it's an appropriate challenge for me. But since you're already in this (and pretty much kicking ass), I'm here to cheer you on. In an effort to help, let me provide you with several more topics for the coming days:
1. favorite snacks to eat while writing
2. More about that furry writing buddy of yours (I mean Kreeg, I hope you know)
3. An intricate description of a delicious punk.
4. What you will wear on Oprah when we pitch our book (and maybe also what I should wear?)
5. Llamas
6. Do photo posts count? I think you should do a post of pictures of you writing - it would save time on the words, ya know.
7. A description of all the jobs you do (or have done) that aren't writing so that you can make the monies to do the writing. Readers can get a sense of the overarching path of a writer.
8. TKAM Chapters 8-9, discussion topics? ... Oops, how did that get in here?
9. What you think your favorite chapter in BTN will be and why.
10. Best shoes for writing the next great American novel?

D.B. Echo said...

Ashley, you've got so much to blog about! Examples:
- "Behind 'Behind the Naugahyde': Character Sketches and Background Information for the Upcoming Bestseller!" (These collected entries can be included in "Behind the Naugahyde: Absolute Edition" which will be slipcased and will include copious bonus material!)
- Civil War: If it turns out to just be yet another case of mind control (freakin' Red Skull!), how pissed will you be?
- Post-Civil War, who is wearing Tony Stark's armor? My money says Peter Parker IS the Amazing Iron-Man! Reeling from the consequences of his bad decisions that led up to the Mutant Registration Act - no, the registration law in The Watchmen - no, the events of Civil War, Tony Stark decides (once again) to hang up the ol' iron codpiece and go retire inside a bottle of Tequila. Remorseful about having caused his protege to reveal his own secret identity and regretting the conflict between them, Stark turns over the Iron Man duds - and the leadership to the newly re-reformed Avengers - to young Peter Parker, who finds that with Great Responsibility comes Great Power. Discuss.
- That mystery superhero in 52. The one who keeps his face covered with a blue cowl and wears a blue cape. What's this thing about the color blue? Could it be...Ted Kord is back?
- Life without a car. How much does it suck? What advice can you give to others?
- It's getting freakin' COLD!!! Discuss.

Just some thoughts.