Thursday, November 30, 2006

Bye, bye November

The day and the month are almost over. I'm hoping to work on the novel once I'm done posting here. I'd like to at least make it to half way which is only about eight hundred words so it is possible.
I feel a bit better today. Well enough to go out to the world's largest Christmas store and now I can sit at my computer.
Lately, I've been having trouble with keeping a one track mind when it comes to writing. For instance, I'm trying to write my novel for NaNo, also Behind the Naugahyde, blog every day, write a few non-fiction articles, edit my comic book script and then today I got inspired with ideas about a novel I've wanted to start for a long time but honestly I'm scared to write it(more on that during another post). I know it's crazy to work on so many things at once but I'm a person who really writes better when I'm in the mood of what I'm writing. I try to create that atmosphere of what I want to write by surrounding myself with books, music and movies of the same feeling but sometimes inspiration for one thing strikes and I'm afraid to put it on hold. What if I'm about to write the best thing I've ever thought of but I don't because I put it on hold to finish something else first?
I think I need therapy for writing. I have a lot of paranoias about it.

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