Friday, November 17, 2006

The best shoes ever!

Oh my, I'm almost out of ideas from the suggestion box. That's okay though. I'll think of something but first let me do another suggestion.

I've been asked to describe the best shoes for writing the next great American novel. This is a tough question because I take shoes very seriously. To be honest I don't usually have shoes on when I'm writing in my office. Although writing is work and for work I prefer Dansko. I have grown a bit partial to Earth as well. But I have to say the ultimate creative shoe is the Converse All Star, Chuck Taylors, high tops of course. They come in so many colors and patterns that it's near impossible to not find one that fits the mood of your story. They also have a lot of history about them. They've been around for a rather long time, 1917 I believe. Originally a basketball shoe, they have been worn for many different things.
They've been featured in Save by the Bell, House, Back to the Future, Rocky, Grease, Fast and the Furious, Sky High, To Kill a Mockingbird (the movie), and Sin City( the comic and the movie) just to name a few. Also popular among rock bands, Kurt Cobain and even mentioned in a song by Snoop Dogg. Never really a shoe that is worn by the popular, fashion trendy crowd, yet it has stayed in demand for nearly ninety years.
It's got character, style and is loved by all. I think it is definitely a shoe that helps the imagination soar. And if I'm not writing at home it's most likely what I'm wearing. I currently have five pairs myself and my grandma has pink ones (pretty wicked huh?). Although by far the coolest I've ever seen, are ones I don't actually have (and another reason they are awesome shoes). This design was originally made in 1989 and just recently brought back in 2005.
You can design your own on their website so we might have to have some made for the crazy shoe, Behind the Naugahyde book tour!


jenni said...

Plus they're vegan, aren't they? I might need to go design a pair. My students are probably already tired of seeing the crazy shoes I already own.

Ashley said...

Chuck Taylors do come in leather, but the original and far cooler style is canvas with a rubber sole. I believe that they would be vegan friendly so you should for sure get some!