Sunday, November 19, 2006

More like fiction.

Anyone who knows me well enough to hear the everyday tales of my life knows that my life could in fact be a work a fiction. Not to say that my life is full of action, excitement and adventure. My life is more chaotic, I guess. That's another one of the many reasons I like to write. My life really could make a decent book. Not because of me though, I'm not that intriguing.
Mostly what makes my life so fiction-like is the people. My family, friends and a lot of customers I've waited on have all been part of or are tales that some people don't even believe when I tell them.
Sometimes I wish I could just write everything I know about certain people. What a good story that would make. Yet I can't. Sure it would be a great story, but what about those people? I'll admit generally the people with the best stories are people I don't like so putting their stories out there and possibly making a profit off of it would be quite excellent. I'm just not that kind of person. So I have to take little bits and pieces of those people and put them here or there. No one will ever know the real story but no one will get hurt either. Also I tend to think that the people that make the best stories are also the kind of people to sue you as well.

I try to exaggerate situations and combine people so that they are in fact fiction, but I usually like the real version better and I wish I could share it. Especially when it comes to serious situations in my life. I wish I could write the truth because it's like therapy for me. There are some people I want the whole world to see for what they really are, but it would hurt others and I can't do it.

Now when people read Behind the Naugahyde or any of my writing, they can wonder whether that really happened or if that person truly existed. And I'll be happy and disappointed that I'm the only one that really knows for sure.

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