Saturday, November 04, 2006

More bookmarks and novel writing

Another day of NaBloPoMo. I thought that I should try checking out the blogs of fellow participants. Of course, to check out all the blogs on the list I'd have to go through a letter a day and that's a lot. I'd probably never get anything written. I figure the bottom of the list probably gets the least amount of hits so I'm starting there. I've already added quite a few interesting blogs to my bookmarks and it's a nice change that they aren't all blogs about writing.

I'm still making a dent in my novel. I'd like to use my unplanned day off tomorrow to get ahead. I'm also hoping that tomorrow might bring a meeting with Jenni so that we can get some more work done on Behind the Naugahyde. I know it seems crazy to be working on two novels at once but we have breaks in Behind the Naugahyde when Jenni and I are trying to find time to work out the next chapter(s). Plus the novels are nothing a like so that helps.

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