Thursday, November 16, 2006

Punks and favorite chapters

Okay another close call. I was posting on live journal first. Why? Because I wrote a punk story that I wanted to link to since it was on my blog suggestion list.
I have to say that I did not do that story justice. Jenni, my partner in writing and crime, did a fantastic job and probably could have told the story much better. She has a way with dramatic retellings.

Another suggestion from the box was about my favorite chapter in Behind the Naugahyde. Well we haven't finished it completely so it's hard to say. I can say my favorite chapter so far is six. Mostly because it's rather adventurous and crazy. Jackie, who I'm a bit partial to, really shows her kick-buttness. I do think the chapters we are working on right now seem pretty awesome. I am becoming particularly fond of chapter eight, (Jackie=bad ass! and the infamous shopping cart finally makes its debut) but I have a feeling that once Jenni is done with her part of chapter nine, I will probably love that as well since I am a bit partial to the holiday season, especially when it involves drunkenness. And I hope to like the last few chapters since they will most likely be full of scandal and debauchery. Who doesn't love that?

Well I better wrap it up since 12:00 fast approaches. Although I must leave with this thought, and I apologize because I believe this is really getting too much mention. I feel bad for writer's who work hard, truly struggle to put out good work and end up with nothing in the end, while O.J. Simpson gets rich off a book titled "If I Had Done It This Is How I Would Have Done It"(or something like that). I really hope no one picks that book up.

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