Saturday, November 25, 2006

No work, no party, but there will be a map.

Surprise! I guess I'm so use to always getting the crappiest schedule possible that I just assume that my schedule at work is the crappiest possible, but surprise to me, I don't work tomorrow. YAY! So I managed to talk my sister into going to the Nutcracker with me tomorrow since she couldn't go tonight. Then I skipped out on a birthday party and stayed home to write.
I'd like to say that skipping the birthday party was because of my total devotion to writing but that was only a small factor. The party was a 21st birthday of a co-worker. I wouldn't have known anyone else there and the co-worker, who I'm sure would have been too surrounded in friends to talk to me for more than two minutes, is someone that I have a hard time talking to at work. I won't go into more detail because I really don't like saying negative things, but perhaps some of the stories will find there way into story lines for some of the fictional characters of Behind the Naugahyde. Let's just say that the fact that the co-worker has not taken a few minutes to stop by and sign the guest book at is just one of the many reasons I didn't go. Plus it's a Saturday night in a college city bar and they don't even have a band, just booze.

Speaking of characters in Behind the Naugahyde, one of the suggestions was more stuff about the book. Sometimes posting these things is hard because I like to get Jenni's okay on everything before I post too much info. One of the ideas is to give a layout of the mall that Sole Comfort is in. Well first Sole Comfort is in a plaza and second there will be a map in the book.(I'll see what I can do about getting an exclusive sneak peak here or on the A very detailed map. Why you ask? Because their may be a battle between stores. Everyone has to chose a side. I can't put anything in stone because we still have to finish, edit and maintain suspense but the battle may include breaking and enter, stupidity, trespassing, stealing, eighty year-old security guards, the police ( and we're not talking fashion police), garbage diving, partial nudity, falling off of buildings, auto theft, kidnapping and cheap, ugly shoes that make your bunions hurt.

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