Friday, November 10, 2006

A book by its cover

Once again I'm cutting it close. This time I have about an hour rather than twenty minutes but it's still pretty late in the day. It's not that I'm procrastinating, it's just that I'm a night person. I write at night. Night and early morning is when I write my best stuff.

Tonight I spent some time talking to my friend Fred about a story he is working on.
Fred is my neighbor and he works with my dad. Sometimes I babysit his kids for him and his wife. He's a really cool guy that is always trying to help everyone.
I have to admit when I first met him I was guilty of judging a book by its cover. He's a very large guy, he could easily be on a pro football team. He likes NASCAR, sports, and hunting. He's a mechanic.
When he and his family came over for my dad's birthday I thought, like most people he would find my toy and comic book collection to be a little ridiculous, but he thought it was cool. Then after a few years of knowing him I finally mentioned I wanted to be a writer. I don't tell a lot of people this because some people think that it's just a dumb idea, my family in particular, but when I told him he was very excited. Apparently he writes as well and now we talk about writing all the time. He lets me read his work, which is very good. I laugh sometimes thinking about how my dad thinks writing is completely stupid and he doesn't know that one of his best friends is a writer. Of course just like my dad and I, most people would never expect it but I think that makes it all the more cool that he does it.
Anyway, Fred is working on some short stories and a comic book script. When I get a few extra minutes I promised to get him started in the blogging world and that will be one link I'll be sure to pass along.

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jenni said...

Yay! I had no idea, either, but you're right - I never would have guessed it by his "cover."

Also, I think that Lj-ers can cheat at NaBloPoMo because we can dink around with the time/date settings of our posts. It really loses the flavor of the whole challenge. I might just wait until the end of November and go back and fill them all in like I was an amazing blogger the whole time LOL