Monday, November 06, 2006

Please VOTE!

Okay tomorrow is election day. It may not be a presidential election but it is still very important. I've been posting on my live journal and on MySpace to remind people to vote. I'm a person who wants to make a difference no matter how small. ( I say this because I'm well aware that I only have two readers!)
That's really the reason I began writing. I had something to say. And when I was young, and even now, people never seemed to listen to me. I'm not good at speaking. So I write and I try, in everything I write, to have a message. Even if it's wrapped up in colorful characters and crazy plot twist, it's there.
That's also the reason I try to get my writing published. I won't lie and say that making enough money to write for a living would be a bad thing. But I want to people to see my message because it's important to me.
Well, it's nearly the end of the day and since I can't seem to make much sense about why you should vote I'm going to end my post and invite readers to stop by D.B.Echo's blog for an excellent post about why you should vote!

Currently listening to: Bad 80's and easy listening music while trying to win tickets to Happy Feet, the adorable dancing penguin movie that has a preview of the Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.(YAY! I love dancing, penguins and Harry Potter. I also have no money so I must win these tickets!)


jenni said...

The 9th vote tallied in Precinct 14 in West Bloomfield? RIGHT HERE, BABY! ;)

Anonymous said...

thanks for that link, it was a really great little read.