Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Blogging to me is a little sad. Sometimes I get depressed about putting a lot of thought and work into something that someone, if anyone, will read and then soon forget about. It's not like a novel or short story that people may reflect back on one day when they find it sitting on their shelf. I think the only person that would go back and look through my old blog post would be me. And of course, the people searching for the Stewie to Bryan "how's that novel comin'?" Family Guy quote.
Then I realized that I sit around struggling to come up with stuff to write here, especially during NaBloPoMo, and I end up posting crap that is completely pointless and often whiny.
That's when it occurred to me that I could repost or at least link to some old post and maybe someone would flashback and take a look at something that meant more to me than when I write "I got nothing done, because I had no time."

I'm going to try to do that more often so for today here is a post that I wrote almost a year ago. It reflects on where I was then.
Feel free to skip over if you've already read it. Or read it to see that I occasionally write something thoughtful (at least to me) in case you came to this blog looking for something more than me complaining.


D.B. Echo said...

Ashley, you seem to have an extra "http://" in your links.

This is a very important aspect of blogging: they serve as a record of who we were when we wrote each post.

And there's always a chance that someone will read yesterday's post tomorrow. I think there are people out there who may one day stumble on our blogs and consume them, post by post, catching up on years of missedstories. Heck, I've done that.

Luke said...

I can relate to how you feel. It's often hard to care when nobody seems to notice, but echo is right, at least one person will check out your backlog.