Thursday, November 01, 2007

Time to write!

Happy November! I hope everyone had an amazing Halloween. My was a little downsized, I didn't do as much but I did get more kids than last year. I nearly ran out of candy since I didn't buy as much. In fact, I only had one piece left at the end of the night, which is probably best.

Anyway, sorry for the week long absence. I've spent most of it in Ann Arbor sitting in the U of M hospital. I did spend some of that time working on Going It Alone edits but mostly I was reading.
Never worry though, today is the start of NaBloPoMo as well as NaNoWriMo, so if all goes as planned by the end of the month I will have posted here every day and will have my novel finished.

When I went to register for NaBloPoMo I found that they have a whole new website this year where you get a profile instead of just a link on a list. Hopefully, they still have a blog randomizer so I can check out other blogs in no particular order.

I'll try to remember to get my NaBloPoMo and NaNoWriMo profiles posted in the sidebar until then just click on the links in this post.

Good luck to anyone who's participating in either and happy writing!


jenni said...

Yay NaBloPoMo! I'm going to do it this year. ("I think I can... I think I can...")

supertiff said...

i know you did not just say that you spent most of last week SITTING AT THE HOSPITAL W HICH IS FOUR BLOCKS AWAY FROM MY BAR and you didn't even come in and say hi.
because, you know, that just wouldn't be right.

and in that spirit, i say GO BLUE! the spartans are going down today!

(not that you care, but you do live in lansing, and are therefore subject to ridicule. go ahead and give some back if you feel the desire, because chances are my team will lose anyway. they tend to suck like that, sometimes.)

Ashley said...

Tiff- Had I known your bar was so close I would have stopped by. If I'm down there again, which is likely, I'll have to stop in.If you want send me a message and let me know what it's called and where it is exactly.

And since I do live very close to MSU, and my sister and the majority of my friends have attended there, I do cheer for them. But I'm an accepting person who loves people regardless of their U of M/MSU rivalry. preference.