Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Back in the day

Okay I'm finally sitting down to type a long and, hopefully, interesting blog post for the first time during NaBloPoMo and it's about time too since it's nearly half way over.

So with my computer crashing a billion times this year and the trouble that I had with my flash drive, I got to thinking a lot about losing work and work that I had already lost.
Now that I take writing seriously I save different drafts and revisions of all my stuff but when I was younger I kind of just lost or threw out anything that I wrote. There are lots of reason I didn't keep stuff other than thinking that I didn't need it for anything or that it was crap. I had personal reasons that had to do with other people reading the stuff, especially my most personal stuff like journals, which may be how my paranoia of such things started. I ended up purposely getting rid of some stuff.

Recently, I decided to think back and try to remember anything I might have written but don't have anymore. Here's what I came up with in somewhat chronological order.
Today's entry will feature the first half of my life, until I was approximately 12ish and then tomorrow's will have everything after that.

In 5th grade science class we had to write a story for some reason or another. I chose to write a story about people who cut down all the trees and then there was no oxygen left. They all died or fled to another planet except for one little boy who tried to warn them and had secretly been raising his own trees.

Then in 7th grade English class we had to write a story probably because that's a big part of what you do in English class. Anyway, I wrote a story about a woman named Paula who married a man named Paul and then got a bunch of credit cards in his name, which she was able to use because there names were so close. Paul wasn't the first guy she had tricked into this scam either.
I was so onto identity theft before it was huge. How clever am I?

8th grade was when I really thought about becoming a writer. I didn't start directly with fiction, in fact it was the year I got really into rock music. So I was going to learn to play the guitar and start a rock band. And I wrote a bunch of song lyrics, none of which I can remember.

I also started writing my first novel that would never be finished, so rather my first idea for a novel. And it was about an abused child that kills herself. Not really the cleverest plot but that's about all I remember except I think I was going to title it Unforgiven.

Other than that I'm sure there were tons of stories and papers that I had to write. I wish I could remember more. I know that I did some non-fiction stuff too. I wrote for the class paper in the 5th grade and the school paper in the 8th grade. I doubt I wrote anything deep and profound. In fact, I'm pretty sure that in 5th grade I shared the advice column with my best friend at the time. I wonder what kind of advice we gave people.

Well stay tuned tomorrow. Since it wasn't as long ago, I remember the stories in more detail. Although, I can't say they are much better.

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