Thursday, November 15, 2007

Not as far back in the day but still...

As promised the bits and pieces of what I can remember about the lost work of the second half of my life so far.

In 10th grade I wrote that poem with the awesomest opening line, 'she's in love with herself' but that's all I remember about that except the rest of it sucked.

In 11th grade I wrote this crazy story about a penguin. I remember it was inspired by my friend who had a stuffed penguin and one time a bunch of us got annoyed with her carrying it around all the time so we thought we'd do funny things like throw it down the stairs, or microwave it since we assumed penguins didn't like heat, then we put the stuffed penguin in the freezer to make it feel better. (We were in high school that's all I can really say.) Anyway, the next Monday in class we had to write a story and then let the person next to us read it, which happened to be my penguin loving friend. So I rewrote the events of the weekend but the penguin jumped off a cliff trying to fly rather than being thrown down the stairs, he was dropped in a volcano, and then returned to his natural habitat. Awful story, I know, but hilarious to me and my friend. Our teacher thought we were idiots, I'm sure. Not that I would want it back to do anything with it. I think it would just be funny to have around. Or maybe not.

In 12th grade I took advance composition, which required a lot of writing. Other than a journal, that I still have, I don’t remember many of the assignments except for one that took up almost a whole marking period. It’s also the only class I regret failing but I was in a different place back then. My priorities were messed up.
Anyway, we had to write plays that we were going to enter into a competition but I never completely finished mine.
My story was an anti-feel good teen show, where everything works out in the end. So in case you couldn’t follow that not everything worked out in the end of mine. Well not for everyone anyway.
When I got the assignment I remember being really mad at my “best friend” for liking and pursuing a guy who was an absolute jerk to me and some of my other friends.
To vent my frustration I wrote a play where two friends are torn apart by one liking, and later dating, a complete ass. The other friend dates a rebellious guy but later dumps him when she finds out he was and still is childhood friends with the same ass.
Then the “best friend” gets dumped by the jerk after he gets her pregnant and she begs the other friend for help. Sadly, the other friend doesn’t forgive and forget so easily and she turns her back.
In the end everyone is alone and miserable. I think I called it “This Isn’t Dawson’s Creek, Get Over It”. Obviously, I was filled with a lot of teenage angst and rebellion or something.
I had to write an outline and three different drafts. I’m not entirely sure what happened to any of it because as I’ve said my priorities were in crazy directions when it came to this class and my life at this point.

As for work after my school years, a while a back I started writing Double Take. I had this really long wordy version that was nearly twenty pages long. My computer crashed before I saved it and I lost most of it. It was on the old school laptop that has filled in for me on numerous occasions. And I didn’t know about temporary back up files at the time. Then later it was wiped completely clean in hopes to make it better. So that’s lost in oblivion as well.

And there was once a much longer, more dialogue filled, 6 issue, actionless, complete piece of crap version of the infamous comic book that I still cling to. I saved it on a floppy disk that ended much the same way as my flash drive. “This disk has not been formatted”. At the time I had no idea you could potentially retrieve the stuff. So I started over, changed character names, story lines and so much stuff to make a definitely better version. At least I think so. The world may never know. I do still have the notebook that I wrote the original version in, so it’s not completely lost but it was changed a bit when I typed it in originally.

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