Saturday, November 17, 2007

It's all very messed up

After posting last night, I settled into reading. The more I read of Haunted the more I realize it's characters are without a doubt the most f*#!ed up people I have ever read about in any fictional works. Of course, it makes for a very interesting story, sickening at times, but still interesting.

When I finish reading Haunted I plan on reading Giving by Bill Clinton. It was recommended to me and I thought it might be a nice change of pace after the gruesomeness I'm currently reading. Besides what better book to read for Thanksgiving? The book's name is right in the name of the holiday. It seems like good time to me.

Today I attempted to rake my lawn but rain and running out of yard waste bags cut into that before it was completely finished. And I got some running around done. That means I've gotten absolutely no reading or writing done until I started this entry.

I forgot to mention yesterday that I posted on my livejournal. It's a crazy customer rant that I could end up in Behind the Naugahyde one of these days.

And I still need to write a super long e-mail to Jenni because I've been slacking off on those lately and there's a lot to keep up on. Also I haven't chatted with D.B. Echo in a while and every time I try to read Tiffany's blog, I get kicked off-line. (Does anyone know what could be causing that?)
In short, I miss my friends especially since there is so much going on. I need my free therapy.


D.B. Echo said...

Huh. I was going through blogs earlier today, pening them four or five at a time, and with a group that included Tiffany's I got booted offline without explanation. I ran a Windows update and I've been on her site since then, so maybe that's the solution to whatever the problem may be.

Hope to see you online sometime! Will you be around tonight?

Ashley said...

Hmm...I'll have to try the windows update.
And yes I'll be online tonight but you already knew that since we are currently chatting!

supertiff said...

i had no idea my blog was bullying people in this manner. i shall give it a spanking immediately.