Friday, November 30, 2007

The end of NaBloPoMo

The last day of NaBloPoMo and you just know, now that I've failed anyway, I'm not going out in style with the most amazing post ever. In fact, I'm completely slacking off.

I got the speech done. Now Robert's going over it a hundred times. It's weird to listen to how someone else interprets your words. Hopefully, it goes okay. I'm just glad I'm not the one speaking. Although, I was having a bit of panic and frustration yesterday at 11:00 p.m. when I was putting the finishing touches on the speech. It was then that Robert decided to tell me that they had given him a few "bullet points" and statistics that they would really like him to fit in. I felt like the whole beautiful structure of my speech was being ripped apart as I tried to fit in these things and still have it somehow comprehensible. I think in the end it worked out though. I'll probably post it tomorrow along with pictures of Robert speaking and all of the other happenings of the day.

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