Sunday, November 18, 2007

Seperation anxiety helps me feel better about not having any artistic ability

I could never be an artist. I've been talking to my two friends that are artists. One is R, who I mentioned going to her art show, she draws portraits. Then there is my other friend who airbrushes remote control car bodies. (I know it doesn't sound that complicated but he's amazing at it-see below).
Anyway, the reason that I could never do what they do, aside from the obvious lack of skill is that they can't keep it. Well they can but they want to eat so they sell their work. R just had her first art show so she's selling some of her first paintings and my airbrushing friend has probably painted and sold well over a hundred cars in the last few years.
I couldn't imagine putting all my time, effort, heart into a project and then just giving it to someone. With writing I do end up letting other people read it but I always keep the final copy. I keep all the rough drafts. I never have to give away anything.
Of course, I know R says she takes photos so she can make prints and people will keep her work for a long time. But I feel worse for my airbrushing friend. For one thing he takes tons of pictures but the detail on that small of a car can never be truly appreciated from a picture. Also he can't just make a copy. He can make another car and attempt to make it look exactly like another but he can't just take a picture of the original work, then print it. And he has to deal with the fact that after putting in all that time on a body, people will smash and bang them around and eventually they're destroyed. Never to be seen again.
I could not do it. So it's probably good that I have no artistic ability.

Because everyone loves pictures and so you can see what I'm talking about, when I refer to airbrushing remote control car bodies, are a few examples. It would take me forever to go through all the photos to find the best ones but here this should at least give people an idea.
And I post some of R's work but I don't have access to any. If I ever do I'll post it.

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