Sunday, November 25, 2007

Green is a Christmas color, ya know

It's getting close to crunch time but I'm happy to report that the reason I nearly missed the midnight mark was because I was busy attempting to submit my work. I say attempt because I didn't get a lot of submissions done. It takes time to research places, make sure they're accepting submissions right now and then going through all the guidelines.

I got my Christmas tree up but it's not decorated yet. I can't find my tree lights and I think someone threw them away. I'm not joking. As annoyed as I am I'm trying to keep positive and consider that maybe this is a sign that I should finally invest in LED lights.
After reading a post of Jenni's I'm starting to feel inspired that I should have a green Christmas. I won't wrap anyone's gift. I'll get them either recycled or reused gifts. Or maybe donations. Or I could buy them things like energy saving light bulbs and trick people into helping the environment.
Not sure what the story would be about, but I feel like Green Christmas would be an awesome title for a story. I really need to think on this. Since I like my work to have a message, it could have some environmentally friendly subject matter. After dealing with some of my family member's materialistic holiday craziness, I could definitely see how someone trying to have a green Christmas could cause a lot of conflict. Now I just have to figure out some kind of story line. Also I need to work in a tofurkey.
Maybe I should have a green Christmas and see how my family takes it before I write the story. That would probably give me everything I need for an entertaining tale.

Well now that I'm done typing everything that popped into my head for the last few minutes, regardless of whether it was coherent, I'm going to wrap this post up.

*And for the record all the subs that I sent today were electronic, which I prefer but not everyone accepts.


jenni said...

It would be interesting to have someone trying to do a green Christmas someplace that is really materialistic - like Hollywood maybe? Then you could write about all the gossip between people or *why* the person is doing it - some people say they went broke, other people say they had a crisis or awakening, etc. and you never really hear from the person until the end. Maybe the person commits suicide because no one took the time to listen to him/her and then the reader finds out in the suicide note the reason why that person was trying to do the green Christmas. Or, well, that's just what came off the top of my head... so you could probably actually write anything you wanted? LOL ;)

Ashley said...

I think that's an awesome idea. People receiving all these "weird" gifts from someone. They all have conspiracy theories about how the person's gone mad but in actuality that person was just trying to be less wasteful (A Christmas gift to Mother Earth!). And the fact that no one understood but just spent their time complaining about their thoughtful gift will really drive home a good point that isn't necessarily about being green but that people can be very materialistic about the holidays.

That probably made no sense. I should have just said I loved your idea.
You always inspire me to write huge comments that might not be completely coherent.

D.B. Echo said...

I could also see a story where a group of people get together for Christmas and have a chat about environmentalism, all the great things that people could be doing to help the environment, use less energy, do less damage...and then at the end, as they all pleasantly take their leave of each other, we discover that the climate has changed to the point that late December is basically the only pleasant, "green" time in an otherwise arid, sweltering environment..and nobody at the party plans on doing a damn thing about it; everybody thinks that their ideas were great, and that everybody else should implement them. Meanwhile, they go home to consume material and energy, and further wreck the environment.

D.B. Echo said...

Maybe you should start a Green Christmas Anthology. A collection of short stories by different writers on the theme of Green Christmas. I could see stories focusing on the environment, money, jealousy, everything that comes to mind from the word "green".