Saturday, November 24, 2007

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So nothing really new is going on with me. Work was crazy this week. I work in retail but we don't really sell a lot of shoes for the holidays since knowing exactly what size, width, style, color and making sure the shoe fits, is kind of difficult. We do sell a few gift certificates and some slippers though. We're also an independent store and those don't really seem to profit much from black Friday. Anyway, I was still busy because the store is going through some huge changes and I'm in charge of making sure things go smoothly.
I also spent time at the store, and at home, getting stuff ready to give away, like defective shoes (if the leather's scratched people won't buy it) and clothes that no longer fit me.
My sister and I also braved the late evening black Friday crowd to get some Toys for Tots gifts. If we get them while they're cheap we can get more.
Speaking of giving I finished the book, Giving. It was okay for non-fiction but really it was about how rich and famous people give. There were examples of common folks giving but I felt like it could have used more examples of what everyone can do.
Anyway, my next book on my list is Wonderful Tonight by Patti Boyd, the woman who was married to George Harrison and Eric Clapton.
After that is Fourth Comings the latest book by Megan McCafferty.
Other than that there isn't anything exciting. I saw Fred Claus, which was hilarious. I definitely recommend it for a funny holiday film. And for comic fans there's a quirky little part in the end that had me laughing.

And I did manage to do some work on Going It Alone this week. I'd like to finish the major edits by the end of next week. We'll see how that goes.

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