Tuesday, November 20, 2007

It's no good

Ugh. I cannot even believe Thanksgiving is in two days. The holiday season, which is usually my favorite time of year, is really sucking again this year.

Today and yesterday were just crap. Bad things are happening in every aspect of my life. I'm trying to cope but it's requiring a lot of energy and work on my part.

Work is one of the things upsetting me. Major changes are happening. It's bad but there's a little good. It's definitely going to effect my writing schedule but how I don't know yet.

I'm working on a long e-mail to Jenni, a livejournal post about work drama and I got a stack of subs ready to go out. I may even work on some e-subs tonight if I don't fall asleep or have a panic attack.

It's probably a good thing I decided not to take NaNoWriMo too seriously because I would never have gotten it done.

Well, I think that's enough short burst of pointless chatter to count as a post for the day.


jenni said...

I'm referenced in this post but not tagged? Have I been demoted?! LOL ;)
Here's hoping that things get more fantabulous soon!

Ashley said...

Sorry, I'm a bum. You have not been demoted and the problem has been taken care of!