Monday, November 12, 2007

Monday sucks but everyone already knows that

It's amazing to me how quick things change. Yesterday was a fabulous day. I had a lot of fun, met awesome new people, got to hang out with a friend. I was in such a fabulous mood I didn't want the day to end.
Then today started. Work sucked as it usually does on Monday and I didn't end up getting out early like I should have because someone called in sick. Then add in an argument with a family member, which lead to more drama than it ever should have. Not to mention that my drain in my basement is backing up so hopefully a call to the landlord in the morning will get it fixed but then there's the problem of who will let in the plumber. Where are all the useless, nosey, annoying house guests when you need them?
So needless to say I'm in a bad mood. And I didn't bring anything to work to work on because I really hadn't planned on being there that long by myself. I've spent the whole day being moody and unproductive. But tomorrow brings eight hours of fantastic solitude so perhaps I'll get something done then. Like a better blog post perhaps.
I do have some cool stuff planned and/or started for future posts. Stuff about my favorite songs, lost work and painting but I just don't have it in me right now. Also I need to clean the basement.

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