Wednesday, November 07, 2007

We'll find time eventually

In yesterdays post I mentioned the occasional meeting of a writer's group. We haven't met in over a month. Finding time to meet has been near impossible now that the school year has started. I guess that's a hazard when two of the writers are teachers and the other is an editor of a college newspaper. There's lots going on.
It also got to the point where a few people would show up but only one person, me, would bring work. At that point I just felt selfish like it was the Ashley's editing group. So we decided to only meet if at least three people could make it, because there's not much point if only one person is reading your work, and at least two people were bringing work. We haven't actually had a meeting since this rule. There was one attempted meeting but it was cancelled at the very last second.
We have been looking for new members, figuring it would give us better odds of having three people available at the same time and two of those people having work. But finding new people has worked out about as well as when I originally tried to start the group. Although, we did get a response from one person and hopefully she'll be able to make one of the meetings eventually.
Right now, I'm waiting on responses to see if anyone can meet next Monday.

That's the status of the writing group for now. I have to head to work. I'm back to the night shift but only once a week. Now that I've had the whole day off to do things the way I used to, I'm starting to seriously want my old schedule back. It just seemed to work so much better for me. I think mostly because I am not a morning person.

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