Friday, November 09, 2007

Blame Jenni for everything, that's what I do

Well I signed on to write this huge post because I finally had time to do so. Then I noticed that Jenni was online so I tackled her IM style since it's not often I get to talk to my Jenni through non-e-mail form.
Anyway, we caught up on things that have been going on and then I was set into a fit of laughter when Jenni pointed out something to me that I hadn't notice yet. When we started writing Behind the Naugahyde we based a lot of the characters on real people we worked with or worked next to. The further we got into the book the more fictional they became but still they are inspired by real people. And one of those people we didn't really know all that well since he worked next to us.
He inspired a character in the book. Then after a while the store he worked at moved and the person we knew that he worked with got fired so we just didn't see him anymore. Until recently. Now he has ended up back in our lives in a very interesting way and it's was hilarious when Jenni reminded me about all of this.
I know very cryptic and hard to follow. Sorry about that but if I said more I'd be giving away either stuff about the book, which I won't do without Jenni's mutual consent and/or personal information about one or more people that I won't do without their consent. So vagueness it is.
And this lame post is all Jenni's fault so go to her live journal and blame her in the comments. She's a comment whore so she'll love it.
Oh and did you notice Jenni's got her own label now?

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jenni said...

LOL I'll take the fall on that one! I love that I got my own label. If I tagged my LJ entries better, you would surely get one. I started to tag it a long time ago and realized how time-consuming it would be and that there was no actual way to search through the tags conveniently and thus, quit.
I'm so excited for, well, life right now (Yea, cryptic!). If nothing else, at least we'll have more information for the character!!! LoL ;)