Thursday, May 10, 2007


YAY! It's been two years of blogging! I couldn't think of anything super special so I thought how about stats. Everyone likes stats. They are short, easy to read, don't take much thought to comprehend and hopefully are somewhat entertaining. Plus it's a good thing to do on an anniversary. It's a way to look back at all the cool things that have been documented on this blog. Especially, since there hasn't been much big and exciting news lately.
Of course some of the things listed may have happened pre-blog and if so I apologize but sometimes it's hard to keep track.

Date started: May 10, 2005
Visits to this blog since getting a site meter:2,077
Number of post:234
Rejection notices: 155 (This number may be a little off since some of the notes do not have dates and I didn't keep very good submission records when I first started.)
Stories published: 3 (Double Take, Double Take 2- Sophomore year, Sweaty Palms)
NaNoWriMos participated in: 2
Novels worked on: 3(
Nano 1- untitled, Nano 2- untitled, Behind the Naugahyde)(This is novels that I actually started writing)
Novels completed: 2 (Nano 1- untitled, Nano 2- untitled) (This is novels that I finished writing the first draft but have not necessarily been edited.)
Short stories written:15 (most notable- Double Take 2 and Sweaty Palms)
Submissions sent out:227
Writing contest entered:4
Writing contest that my work placed in: 1 (2nd place in the LCC division of the L.A.N.D. writing contest)
Different prints of 'freelance writer' business cards: 3
Writing related classes taken: 3 (creative writing 1 & 2, Writing Literature)
Comic book related job ads responded to: at least 4
Comic book scripts worked on:3
Potential comic book artist: 10-give or take
Ashcans made based on my comic book: 1
News articles written for the LCC Lookout: 3
Superhero Sonnets completed: 4
Letters written to Wizard magazine:1
Times I've moved:1
RENT performances attended:2
Agents interested in Behind the Naugahyde:3
Novel promotional websites started:1 (
NaBloPoMo blog entries:30(but only 29 days because I'm a bum)
Novels read: more than 51
Times I forgot to save my work before closing a screen: at least 3
Times my Internet was down with technical difficulties:3
Times my Internet was down because I couldn't pay the bill:2
Typos found while researching these stats: 19
Categories for post:64
Links in side bar:16
Different types of errors made when sending out submissions: at least 5 (sticky envelopes, forgetting to put contact info, signing letter from Jenni and Jenni, forgetting to attach the story, and signing the letter Ashley Review)
Times I whined about being out of stamps, envelopes or ink: 7
Things that were too many to count or that I was just too lazy to count: Times I mention Jenni, comments left, post of me babbling about why I write, post I wrote while procrastinating on another project, times I bumped back a project deadline, hours Jenni and I spent planning Behind the Naugahyde, times I mentioned writer envy, movies watched/went to, trips to the library, comic books/graphic novels read.

So there it is. I really wanted to put links to every thing mentioned but that would be a ton of links and it's already taken me a few hours to put this post together over the last few days considering that I had to read and reread my blog a few times. If I tried to make all the links this post might not get done before my next blogiversary.

Thanks to everyone that has stopped by and read my blog over the last two years!


whimsicalnbrainpan said...

I love the stats. Great idea!

jenni said...

Bravo! I have these to add:

Amount of coolness Ashley demonstrates: infinite.

Times I realized how fabulous of a friend Ashley is: countless!

You rock. :)

Ashley said...

I'm glad the stats are well liked.

And thanks for all the love Jenni! I had no idea I was that cool. Is it because I wear Batman Chuck Taylors?