Sunday, May 27, 2007

The search for naugahyde

Crazy cool madness! I just stopped by to check the guest book,which you need to sign if you already haven't (How do you expect us to impress agents with a demand from the public to publish our book when only 8 people have signed the guest book? Come on now!), and the site meter.
When I checked the site meter it had a quite a few visits so I checked the details and apparently lots of people have found our site while searching for "naugahyde", "nauga", "nauga collections" and "naugahyde shoes". Apparently we are result number 15 in a Google search for "naugahyde" and 24 in a AT&T Yahoo search. We're 47 in the AT&T Yahoo search for "nauga" but we're 35 in a Google search. Here's where it gets super impressive. If you're looking for "nauga shoes" we're number 3 on Google and AT&T Yahoo. If you're looking for "naugahyde shoes" you'll find us in the #2 spot on both searches! Yah baby! We're almost famous!
It's my goal now to not stop until we're number one in at least one of those searches. My proposal to Jenni is going to be that we add a page to that tells the history of Naugahyde and that we even have a section on saving the naugas.
Why would we put so much effort so that random people could stop by see that our website has relatively little to do with actual naugahyde and then quickly navigate away from our page? Because one day a literary agent or even a book publisher is going to be in need of a fake leather-looking couch and in their search they will happen upon our website. It will be history in the making. Or maybe it will just generate some interest in the book. At the very least it will explain what the heck naugahyde is to all those people out there scratching their heads.


jenni said...

Rock on! I'm so with you! Let's do it! ;)

Ashley said...

Alright! I get some plans worked out and send them your way.

Dayngr said...

all hail the nauga!