Sunday, May 20, 2007

Comments, non-readers and animated t.v. show season finales featuring politics. That's if you're still awake after reading this title.

Wow! When I checked my e-mail this morning my mail box was full of blog comments. It's nice to know someone is reading.

Not that I'm being a whiner about not having any blog readers but I realized today that Jenni is the only person that I didn't meet through this blog that actually reads this blog. That means all my other family, friends, acquaintances, and co-workers don't read my blog. Can you feel the love? I'm sure a few have stopped by before but none of them have returned.

Well enough whining. I must admit that I took time off from writing to watch the Simpsons 400th episode and the Family Guy season finale.
First may I say that the alternative world in Family Guy where Lois marries Quagmire is awesome!
Second, I was almost disappointed with the Simpsons until Lisa asked the question I've being wondering about for quite some time. How can FOX be the channel known for airing controversial shows like Married with Children and Family Guy, yet FOX News is known for being the most conservative news? And they actually answered it.
Since the things I liked about both shows were rather political, I'm not going to give more detail because I don't like to discuss politics on my writing blog. But if anyone reading doesn't usually watch the shows, *cough* Jenni, then I can fill you in later.


jenni said...

Yes! I must know! I won't even get started here so as to honor the idea of keeping it non-political. But seriously, good question!

Ashley said...

Jenni- An e-mail is on the way. I promise.