Friday, May 04, 2007

Reading, movies, and more

Just an update on what's going on in my little world. Not much. I've been reading a lot at work, books that I thought would be good research for my upcoming novel but they are really not answering the questions that I have. Maybe I'll do some Internet research when I get some time.

I went to see Spider-man 3 last night. It was good but not great. It had action and humor but sometimes was a little cheesy and there was too much going on. Three villains, two love interests. Sometimes this person's bad, now he's good but the other guy's bad, and now they're both bad. I don't want to say too much because I'd hate to spoil it.

Don't forget tomorrow is free comic book day. So go to your local comic book store and see what comics have to offer.

Also plans for the month of May: I guess I better think of something special because my blog two year anniversary is on May 10th.
And the Motor City Comic Con is coming up in a few weeks. I'd like to go now that I actually get weekends off but I'm not sure if it will fit into the budget.

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