Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Another search

I was on a roll posting ever day and then I ruined it. I have no good excuse except laziness. Also the post that I put up on Monday for some reason didn't post on the top so I thought I would leave it at the top for another day.

The search for a writing group may turn out to be as difficult as my search for an artist has been. Out of all the replies I've gotten there are a few that were a bit odd. One writing group gave me all the details about their group like what to bring and where to meet but they didn't give me the time. I e-mailed back but haven't gotten a reply. Another person told me that I didn't want to join their group and that I should take writing classes before joining a group anyway. I hope that wasn't a shot at my e-mail, which I proofread because I did not want to look like an idiot. Whatever the reason, it was annoying because I have taken writing classes. Just because you have a writing group and I don't, doesn't make you better than me. Of course, I could be reading too much into it. I do have a bit of an overactive imagination. I also got a reply from a group of senior ladies that write historic creative non-fiction. And my attempts to start my own writing group have been smashed down by the fact that no one replied.
I could always join another writing class just so I could have people workshop my writing but I always have anxiety when it comes to workshops. I'm not sure how a writing group would cause less anxiety but what I am pretty sure of is that I don't want to pay hundreds of dollars to have "deep" people tell me my stories are bad. At least not when there's a chance I can get that for free.

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