Monday, May 07, 2007

Suspense, ridiculousness and crazy brides. Sounds like it would make a good story but no, it's just a boring blog post.

Goodness, am I the only one on the edge of my seat waiting for the final two episodes of Heroes? I'm not sure if I can take this new T.V. show format where the whole season is one giant episode that is 'to be continued...'. Sure it allows for a huge epic story that would be way too long for a movie but the suspense kills me. The only thing worse than waiting a whole season to find out what happens is the years that have been waited to find out what happens to Harry Potter. It's madness.

Anyway, I worked on submissions this weekend until my computer ran out of ink. I'm thinking of taking them to work and doing them there since my boss just recently gave me a speech on how my efforts to conserve things for the company, such as paper, were completely pointless. I know those things add up but he doesn't care. He once told Jenni "if a nickel fell out of my pocket every day, I wouldn't care." So I really don't think he can or will be mad that I'm using company time and supplies to work on my writing. Not that he'd ever notice. But enough about work because I need to save the ridiculousness in my 'Behind the Naugahyde-possibilities' folder.

Nothing else really exciting going on. Although I have been involved in and reading blogs about insane pre-wedding functions/weddings and the brides that plan them. I'm not sure what really to do with all the craziness but I feel a story bursting out. I'll just have to figure out what kind of story.

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