Thursday, January 05, 2006

NOT another bill!

Now that the Christmas season is over I no longer run to the mailbox when I hear the carrier drop off my mail. Since there are no more cards coming there is no reason to get excited. Bills are not exciting. They are quite the opposite. So today when I heard the clank of the mailbox I took a nap.
When I finally decided I should get the mail I was not disappointed. There was the telephone bill, the garbage bill and a Lansing community College envelope. Since I'm behind on paying tuition, I was quite certain it was just to yell "YOU OWE MONEY!", or perhaps to even tell me I had been dropped from the class. All in all, the mail wasn't happy! Boo!
I threw it on my desk and eventually opened it later in the day. SURPRISE!
I won second place for short fiction in the LCC portion of the L.A.N.D. writing contest!
I don't know how many people entered so it could be that I was one of two people who submitted, but I don't care. I'm excited. I've never won anything in my life. It's so cool. I'm sure it's not that big of a deal but oh well.
The story I won with is called "Papa's Little Angel". It's a story I wrote for a writing sample when I first started my attempt to find an artist to collaborate with. I didn't really think it would win but it was one of two stories I had that met length requirements so I sent it along. It's a story about a young girl who can teleport and her troubled life after she teleports her dad out of prison. That's probably not a good description. I'd post the story but it had to be unpublished and I'm not certain if posting it here disqualifies it from the state portion of the contest that all 1st and 2nd place winners are entered in. Seeing as how I'm pretty new to the publishing rights and stuff, I'll leave it off for now but once the state part is over I'll post it.

In other news I wrote another sonnet. I"m not going to post it until I decide what my true intentions are for my superhero sonnets. Sorry I keep teasing but never posting.
I also started research for my next novel. I don't want to give too much away but it's a fictional book that revolves around the AIDS pandemic. I'm really excited about this idea, I just hope I can write it well.
The other thing is I got my Writer's Market 2006 today. Now I can start my new submissions for the year. Then the mail will get interesting again as I wait for not only bills but rejection notices.

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