Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Bye bye structure. Hello creativity

I wrote this all earlier and then my internet service decided not to work. So this is copy is probably missing some of the enthusiasm the first one did.
Today was the first day of classes for me this semester. I had Creative Writing II. I was worried that it would be exactly the same as CW I but I figured I would try it for the first week. If it didn't work out I could still get my money back.
This class is so different. I didn't like how CW I was just a bunch of rules about how to be creative which defeats the purpose of being creative. Also you got graded on whether or not the teacher liked your work so you were writing for them. Not to mention I had to write poetry.
In this class there is no structure. There are no due dates for your assignments. There is little to no text reading. There is no topic you have to write on or point of view or tense or must be realistic or sci-fi guidelines. You can do poetry or prose for each of the four assignments. He doesn't grade, collect or even check to see if in class assignments are done. The main focus of the class is to write and get feedback from everybody. That's it. You bring in your work and everyone discusses it.
It's different for sure. Of course I usually do well in classes because I follow the assignment guidelines exactly and always turn things in on time. So I'll actually have to do more in this class. That is a good thing. The only other thing is that this class is pretty much like a writing group except instead of being free I have to pay tuition. Hmm....

BTW: I finally learned how to put links in my post without writing out the whole long and ugly web address. I also learned how to add things to my sidebar. I put links to my live journal which is my life outside of writing. The other links are to Pandora's Gate archives, which has some of my work published. The next thing I hope to add is other blogs to my side bar. I'll work on it.

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