Saturday, January 07, 2006

Edit first!

My goal for today was to write a query letter and send some submissions to agents. Of course they want a synopsis of the book you are trying to get them to read. It makes sense to me so this is not a complaint. My trouble is that I realize I should edit the book first. I guess I should have figured that in the first place. Now I'll just have to send out different submissions for a while. I'm thinking my final story for creative writing.
Also, I'm a little sad I just found out they were raising postage and I have a lot of stamps that I have previously purchased. Now I have to get those crazy 2 cent stamps.
For the record, in case there is anyone but probably not, my blog is not blocked from anonymous comments. If you are not a member of blogspot you can still tell me I suck by clicking on 'comment'. Of course I'm being presumptuous that someone actually reads this. I'd make the joke "that someone other than my mom might actually reads this", but she doesn't either. That's how bad my writing is.


D.B. Echo said...

I read it! I even have it on RSS feed, so I can see when you've posted something new.

Apropos nothing, here's a dumb thought I've been kicking around since I first came to your site: how much effort do you think it would take to get Wizard to add a monthly feature for the fangirl / aspiring female comics artist or writer of the month? Seriously, it seems like comic books and comic book fandom are so male-dominated that whenever a female of the species appears it's considered a major event. So why not run with it? It certainly wouldn't hurt Wizard's sales, and it might jolt a lot of fanboys out of their inertia! (Or just make them real uncomfortable to the point that they hang a "NO GIRLS ALLOWED" sign on the treehouse.) And it might encourage more girls and women to get into the field!

Ashley said...

Hey thanks for reading. It's much appreciated.
I have to say I love the idea. I'm not sure what it would take but I think that letters sent to the editor, suggesting the idea and/or pointing out the reasons that it would be a positive addition to their magazine, couldn't hurt.
I think I'll start pushing the letter writing to everyone I know. Although, I can barely get them to read my blog so I'm not sure how many will write.
Of course it was your very great idea so I would only encourage specific mention of the monthly feature with your consent. Otherwise, I'll just push for everyone to write about the lack of female fans and creators featured in Wizard.
Let me know what you think and thanks again for the slpendid comment.

D.B. Echo said...

Oh, feel free to push the idea. It's not like I have exclusive claim to it! According to one of their anniversary issues a while back, they ran a feature called "Look Familiar?" back in the early days, which featured photos of reader's pets (the word "Familiar" plays on the "Wizard" theme, which is otherwise absent from the magazine.) I think one would only have to remind them of that great folly to convince them to dedicate two pages each issue to a real-live human reader - and possibly help the industry in the process.

Princess Petunia said...

I just found your blog tonight - but thought it was very interesting. I have bookmarked it. Good luck with the writing.

Ashley said...

Thanks for stopping by and reading!