Monday, January 16, 2006

Dear Wizard

I finally finished "And the Band Played On". It's a book that I had been reading not only for enjoyment but as research for my next novel. I never thought I would finish. It was over 600 pages long and the pages were huge with the tiniest print. I read at least an hour a day and it took me 13 days to finish. It was worth it though. And yes I know I could have just watched the movie but I don't like doing that. It's not the same.
I have a basic plan for the novel but I still need some more statistics and such. It will be a while before I'm ready to roll.
Today I finished another sonnet. That's number four. It's about Daredevil. I also started the fifth.
Over the weekend I busted open my new Writer's Market 2006 and started finding places to send stories. I sent out submissions for "Sworn" which is the final story for my creative writing class last semester. It's the one that I was so worried about. I'm not sure there is really a market for it, just like I was unsure my class would like it. The problem is that it's a fantasy story written from the point-of-view of a high school girl trying to impress the guy she likes. It's not necessarily going to appeal to typical fantasy readers because it's from a young and female perspective. That would make it to appeal to young females but they don't generally read fantasy. I think it could be a good way to reach two different audiences. I just don't know of a publication that is trying to do that. They usually stick with one crowd. It would make sense to try to appeal to more people but then the current readers might not like it.
Anyway as far as other submissions go, I'm having a little trouble placing short short's. They probably work best in contest but I hate paying to enter. I don't have the money and you never know when it's a scam.

Now onto the exciting stuff!

In case no one's been reading the comments, I am writing a letter to Wizard magazine about the lack of females in their publication. This idea was not mine. It was D.B.Echo who commented and gave me the idea.Thanks!
Now I'm going to post my letter here and send it to Wizard. I'm also going to put the e-mail address to Wizard and encourage others to write similar letters as well. A word of caution for those of you unfamiliar with Wizard magazine. They are not a magazine with a conservative and formal style. When they answer letters to the editor they make fun of the writer so make sure that your letter is not something they can rip apart. I would hate to see a letter, promoting women, being made fun. Not only do I not want anyone's feelings hurt but it wouldn't really look good for what we are trying to accomplish.

Dear Wizard,

As a long time reader I have always noticed the lack of females in your publication. When women are featured in your publication they usually have nothing to do with comics except that they are starring in a comic book movie.
I realize there are very few women creators that work for the major comic book publishing companies, but why not give some space to up and coming female artist and writers? It might give them the recognition they need to reach the major publishers. Or you could devote some pages to fan girls. After all, in an anniversary issue the magazine mentioned once having "Look Familiar?", a section dedicated to readers pets. So why not give a page to female readers? Featuring fan girls would only give hope to your male readers that they could marry a woman who wouldn't make them throw out their comic collections.
Maybe more women would read Wizard if they thought they weren't being left out.

I think this letter doesn't provoke any rude comments or sarcastic remarks. I could be wrong. If anyone else wants to send a letter write to . If somebody else writes it might not make it seem like I'm only suggesting this to get myself in the magazine. And it will help get the point across. Please write!


Cassandra said...

I get Wizard sent to me in the UK but didn;t see this letter - did it get on and how did you get on?

Lisa said...

I would love it if you could post this letter on our POWER in Comics forum so people could also do the same. More people need to do this!

Ashley said...

Hi everyone! Thanks for the comments.

I sent it to Wizard but it did not get published.
I'll Check out the POWER in Comics Forum.