Wednesday, January 25, 2006


I haven't gotten a lot of work done lately. I feel like class work has taken over my spare time.
Last week our homework for creative writing was to read three short stories and answer a series of questions, read three poems and write observations, write a story using a metaphor about how I feel about writing, write four poems where every line of the poem ends in a word that can be spelled using the letters in the one word title, read two fellow students works and make comments, and read 48 pages of the intro to our text. I did all of this and I guess I should have taken in to account what the professor had said last week. That the text and assignments didn't matter, the class is about writing and getting feedback. We didn't discuss any of the work and we didn't have to turn any of it in.
Once again I find myself in the situation where I will be required to participate in class. I have been holding back and then regretting not speaking up because I had the right answer. Yesterday I asserted myself and answered the question. Guess who was completely wrong? ME! Err.. No wonder I never say anything.
I have to have a rough draft of a short story posted on line for my class by 5:00 p.m. Friday. I have an idea. Once again I'm not sure my untraditional, sci-fi/fantasy style will be appreciated by these deep, thoughtful writers that search for the inner meaning of everything.
Aside from class my time this week was consumed by a consequence of my stupidity. I wrote a story a while back and saved it only in e-mail and on disk. My disk drive is shot. Then I saved my e-mail to my computer. When I erased AOL from my computer, my e-mail was saved into a file that has crazy symbols and I can't find a program anywhere in the world to open it in English. So I had to scan in a rough draft of the story. With all the marks and highlighting on the pages it didn't scan too well. The margins were off, nothing was spelt right and so many other problems. With all the editing I had to do I might as well have just retyped it.
I started another sonnet but have yet to finish and am still reading novels for research on the new novel. So far though nothing important has been accomplished.
Wasn't this the most interesting and entertaining post you have ever read?

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