Monday, January 09, 2006

Being Committed?

It's happened. I woke up in the middle of the night. The clock read 4:33. I think the reason I woke up was mostly panic that I was going to sleep through my alarm and miss jury duty. Then of course, I would get arrested or fined, so I kept waking up periodically. Just as I was about to fall back asleep, I realized that I had a really good idea for a story. Forgetting about leaving the comfort and warmth of my bed, and that I was incredibly tired and needed to be up rather early, I headed to my desk. I jotted it all down and actually got on quite a role. I was just so worried, if I didn't get out of bed to write it down, I would forget it and it could have been the best story ever. Looking at the great idea now it doesn't seem that great. Then today I went out to lunch and I couldn't help it. I started writing again on my placemat, because I didn't have enough paper in my little notebook. The point is that I have become slightly obsessed. It's okay though, at least to me. It just makes me feel committed to my love of writing.

The only other thing to say is that I have completed sonnet three and started sonnet four. I have to admit I started cheating and bought a rhyming dictionary. It's tough. Do you know how many heroes end with woman/man? I didn't want to write the same thing every time.

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