Thursday, July 19, 2007

Only one more day. Hopefully, I can avoid all the spoilers until then.

Not that anyone would probably notice since I don't post everyday anyway, but I'm following in a few other Harry Potter fan's footsteps and will be avoiding the Internet until I finish reading the book. In fact after today I have to avoid the radio, T.V. and newspapers because all of them are shouting out spoilers with no warning. Part of me wants to not go out tomorrow because I feel like someone is going to try to ruin. I'll still buy it and read it either way but I would rather not know until I get to it in the book. And of course people could be yelling out the wrong thing because not all the spoilers are true but still.
It's weird I can't remember another instance where people saw a movie or read a book and just started purposely trying to spoil it for others. I'm not entirely sure why this is an exception. I guess there are always going to be mean spirited people in the world and you just can't let them get to you.
So until I'm done with the book, I'm offline. Good luck to everyone else trying to avoid spoilers.

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