Monday, July 02, 2007

The mania begins!

To be honest I'm going to be a complete blog slacker this week. I'm the maid-of-honor in a wedding on Wednesday which requires a lot of pre and post wedding obligations.

Also, I'm trying catch up on my Harry Potter schedule. Yes, I had it perfectly planned out and I'm on track. However, my plan included reading Order of the Phoenix the week before I saw it in the theater. Originally, the opening date was July 13 but then they changed it to July 11. Of course, I was totally depressed that because of my financial situation, which was so grim my electricity got shut off, I didn't get tickets to the first showing at midnight on the 11th (for the first time ever!). Don't feel too bad for me because then I got tickets to an exclusive sneak preview on the 9th! I'm so excited!
Of course, that means that I have to finish the book a day after I planned on starting it. Not that I'm upset because it can be done and it's not like I'm going to not go to the sneak preview just because I'm not done rereading the book.
They gave me a list of everything I can't take to the theater so that the movie won't leak. No phones, ipods, blackberry's, purses, fanny packs, coats, loose clothing. Everyone is subject to be searched and will have to pass through a metal detector. Isn't that crazy?!


tiffany said...

i'm so jealous! although, everyone at my bar is already giving me shit because i have already purchased tickets to the first show on july 11th at the henry ford imax theater.
are you just re-reading OOTP? or have you not gotten to the fifth and sixth books yet? that would make me jealous, too. there's nothing like reading them the first time.

Ashley said...

I hear ya Tiffany. Everyone always picks on me for getting midnight showing tickets for the HP movies or having to buy the book right at midnight.
And yes I'm rereading OOTP. I read the fifth book within two days after it came out and the sixth one I read the day it came out. I always thought it would be great to take my time and spread them out but I always have this horrible fear that someone is going to tell me what happens if I don't read it as fast as possible.

D.B. Echo said...

Good luck with the wedding!

jenni said...

I would go to the preview naked.

That is my contribution to this discussion since I know nothing about Harry Potter LOL ;)